Category: Swimming Tales

Swimming the Length of Tahoe: Life Lessons Learned

At approximately 8:30pm on July 25th, I jumped into Lake Tahoe to attempt to swim the length which is a total of 21 miles starting at Camp Richardson and ending in Incline Village. I swam through the night, to sunrise,…

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Redemption Swims

Nothing like watching ninja warrior to see bad ass people doing unbelievable things and realize self-doubt is the biggest sabotager. They all have missions, names like “the best day ever” , “Luci Steel”, “Iron Butterfly” and I’m no different. I’m…

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Swim Camp- Hitting the Wall, Climbing Over and Hitting the Wall Again

First off, I can’t say enough about Infinity’s Hit the Wall Training camp and the team that Jacqueline and Padraig have put together. Their love of open water swimming is infectious! The camp they have put together is an outstanding…

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Training for Swim Training Camp

I sit here in the San Francisco International Airport to head off to Ireland for a swim camp with Infinity swimming. The camp is located in Carlingford and is 4 days of swimming. I will be joining 6 other amazing…

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Overcoming Self Doubt 90 Days Out

I have had some serious doubts about my ambitious marathon swimming goals this summer. I decided to attempt two big swims to include the length of Tahoe (21 miles) and 6 weeks later, the Catalina Channel (also 21 miles). Even…

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