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Year 1 of My Plastic Free Mission

I’m well over a year into my plastic free mission. I continue to try to do more and get upset when I buy items in plastic. But as I reflect back to what I have accomplished in the past year,…

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Ditch your Paper Towels + Save Money

Think about how many paper towels you use? How many napkins? How many tissues? What about cotton rounds to clean your face? How many rolls of toilet paper? And now think about how often you have to replenish these items?…

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Recology Tour: Knowing what you can recycle + compost

I finally got to visit the San Francisco Recology Transfer station which services the entire city and county of San Francisco to help us achieve zero waste by sorting, recycling and composting all that they can. It is an impressive…

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Bulk Shopping 101

Did you know that on average a family brings home 1500 short-lived bags per year. You can help to reduce the number your household uses by bringing reusable bags for produce and for shopping. Better yet, find stores that offer…

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Plastic Free Dental Options

As I continue on my plastic free journey, I have been playing around with various options for my dental hygiene over the past 6 months. And I am pleased to announce that I am finally ready for my recommendations around…

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